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  • Coconut Water for American coffee


    Introducing our premium product: Coconut Water. Sourced from the aromatic Thai variety of coconuts, our coconut water is crafted with utmost care and dedication. The pure juice extracted from these handpicked coconuts contains no additives whatsoever, ensuring a 100% fruit juice content. Experience Read More
  • What is a Coconut Latte with coconut milk


    How FreeNow's Braista Coconut Has Sold 5 Billion Cups in China in 2022Introduction:In recent years, the popularity of coconut-based beverages has skyrocketed which is captivating the taste buds of people around the world. One such beverage that has gained immense popularity is the Coconut Latte. Read More
  • Barista coconut milk for coffee and lattes


    Introducing the Coffee Master Plant-Based Coconut Milk - a premium product that is perfect for those who want to enjoy the goodness of coconut in their beverages. Made with the finest ingredients sourced from coconuts, the Coffee Master Plant-Based Coconut Milk is rich in coconut flesh juice, which Read More


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